The hosted packhorse walks and experiences take place on mutually arranged dates from March to October. Please see below for more information.

One Hour Packhorse Walk
This 60-minute mini-adventure is ideal for people who want to have the pleasure of being in the company of a New Forest packpony but without the longer walk. There will still be plenty of opportunity to encounter wildlife, commonable stock and take in the stunning scenery of the New Forest National Park, so don’t forget your camera!
COST: £19.50 per participant (maximum six people). Dates by mutual arrangement.


Half Day Packhorse Walk

This half-day packhorse experience lasts approximately three hours giving you plenty of time to bond with your pack pony companion. The pace is very leisurely and there will be scheduled rest-stops along the way. The walk follows tracks and paths in the northern part of the New Forest and also takes in some historic landmarks, areas of conservation interest, as well as encounters with wildlife, commonable stock and panoramic views across the New Forest National Park.

COST: £62.50 per participant (maximum six people). Dates by mutual arrangement.


Full Day Smugglers Packhorse Walk*
This full-day packhorse experience lasts approximately five to six hours and follows old smuggling routes to one of the many Forest inns*, which would have been frequented by the ‘free traders’. Here you can park your packpony, take your ease and enjoy some well-earned vittals before returning to the starting point! The pace is very leisurely and there will be scheduled rest-stops along the way. You and your pack pony companion will travel at a leisurely pace and take in the wonderful sights and sounds of the New Forest.
COST: £135.50 per participant (maximum six people). *Includes a pub-based meal (such as a Ploughman’s Lunch) or picnic but no alcoholic beverages. Dates by mutual arrangement.


To book your packhorse experience please email: or telephone: 01725 518410.

If you would like information about private parties, family ‘meet-and-greets’ with a packpony or media work with Gale and Josh please email: or telephone: 01725 518410.

Please note: If we are out on a walking experience or in the fields with the ponies it may not be possible to answer the phone, but please leave a message and we will call you back at the earliest convenient time.

(Drinking water is included free of charge on all experiences.)